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Nikon D4S Camera Firmware Update Version 1.30 (2015-11-26): External Recording Control Option Has Been Added + Improvements

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The ultimate imaging machine has advanced. Built to keep you ahead of your game, everything about the D4S powers exceptional images at exceptional speed. An expanded ISO range and EXPEED 4 image processing take low light photography to another level, making the camera a master of the dark as well as the light. Advances to AF performance offer improved acquisition and tracking at 11 fps, plus finer control over the AF area with the new Group Area AF mode. Nikon’s RAW Size S file format allows accelerated image transfer onto networks, and a Gigabit 100/1000TX Ethernet port enables ultra-fast connection. The D4S offers improved acquisition and tracking performance. Fires at a blazing 11 fps in FX format with AE/AF superior to its predecessor (the D4). The 16.2-MP FX-format sensor offers the ultimate image quality.

Nikon D4S

Nikon D4S

Nikon recently released the firmware update Version 1.30 (2015-11-26) for the Nikon D4S camera, which included the following changes:

  • An External recording control option has been added to the HDMI item in the SETUP MENU. If the camera is connected via HDMI to a third-party recorder that supports the Atomos Open Protocol (the Atomos SHOGUN, NINJA2, or NINJA BLADE), selecting On allows camera controls to be used to start and stop recording. More information is available in a supplementary manual.

    • Choose an option other than 576p (progressive) or 480p (progressive) for HDMI > Output resolution in the SETUP MENU.
    • Choose an option other than Auto for HDMI > Output resolution in the SETUP MENU when 640x  424; 30p or 640x  424; 25p is selected for Movie settings > Frame size/frame rate in the SHOOTING MENU.
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • In rare cases, the shutter would not be released when the user attempted to take photographs in movie live view.
    • About 4 seconds of static could be heard on audio recorded with external HDMI recorders during movie live view.
    • Exposure compensation would fail to produce the desired results if a negative value was selected when NEF (RAW) images were processed using the NEF (RAW) processing option in the RETOUCH MENU.
    • Images would in rare cases fail to record correctly with HDR (high dynamic range) selected in the SHOOTING MENU.
    • In portrait orientation, the monitor would not show the focus point in the correct location if 5:4 (30×24) was selected for Choose image area.

Nikon’s software update service supplies software that can be used to update the D4S camera “C” firmware to version 1.30.

  • Before proceeding, select Firmware version in the camera SETUP MENU and check the camera firmware version. You will not need to download or install this update if the firmware listed above is already installed.
  • For more important info and to download the firmware update, please visit .

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Meet the photographers who are as passion-fueled as Nikon. Shot exclusively on the D4S, adventure photographer-director Corey Rich has captured the personal journeys of three dedicated professionals, who continue to shine in extreme conditions. Catch sports photographers Dave Black and Robert Beck, and outdoor photographer George Karbus in action with the D4S, which boasts a new level of autofocus performance, EXPEED 4 image-processing engine and NIKKOR lenses that translate speed, micro-actions and low light conditions into razor sharp imagery.

Directed by Corey Rich

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