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NASA Releases Moonbase Alpha Video Game

Do you have what it takes …

So begins the challenge that NASA throws down to every video game player out there. The challenge is to step into the role of an exploration team member, be immersed in a futuristic 3D lunar settlement, and complete your mission to restore critical systems and oxygen flow after a nearby meteor strike cripples a solar array and life support equipment. To accomplish your life and death mission, you have as resources an interactive command center, a lunar rover, mobile robotic repair units and a fully stocked equipment shed.

This ‘First Person Explorer’ serious game includes both a single player capability and LAN or internet multiplayer gameplay for up to six active players on a team. Selectable maps are available for specific player numbers (e.g., 2 player map, 4 player map, etc.). Each of these maps is represented and tracked individually within the game’s leader boards.

If you are ready for the challenge, visit: Moonbase Alpha.

[ via PhysOrg ]