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NASA Robotic Twins Grail-A and Grail-B Probes Feature Video Camera For School Students

How cool is that? NASA launching twin moon probes to measure lunar gravity in more exacting detail, the better to figure out what exactly is beneath the lunar surface, all the way to the core. The orbiting probes also will help pinpoint the best landing sites for future explorers, whether human or mechanical. But the really cool thing is the videocam aboard each probe: middle school students around the world will get to operate and view the MoonKAM (Moon Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students).

Each spacecraft holds one science instrument — for sending and receiving radio signals between the two — as well as a digital video camera system, MoonKAM, intended for use by middle school students worldwide. Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, and her science education company in San Diego is leading the photo-gathering effort. It’s billed as “eyes on the moon for Earth’s students.”

Get more information about the GRAIL MoonKAM.

Teachers can register their students to use the GRAIL MoonKAM here.

There is even a GRAIL MoonKAM on Facebook and Grail MoonKAM on Twitter.

via thestar