Endeavour’s Last Flight in Glorious HDR

From TelescopeFeed

How do you expose for the shuttle leaving its launch pad? NASA uses 6 cameras shooting at 250fps, each exposing for different parts of the scene. To make this video, the imaging experts at NASA’s Ames Research Center merged nearly 20,000 photographs taken from 7 seconds before takeoff to 6 seconds after Endeavour left the launch pad.

The use of HDR here goes beyond nice photographs:

This technique can help visualize debris falling during a launch or support research involving intense light sources like rocket engines, plasma experiments and hypersonic vehicle engines.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison showing a one-camera view of the launch and the six-camera composited view:

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Read more at: NASA.

All video/image credits: NASA / Louise Walker / J.T. Heineck

All video/image credits: NASA / Louise Walker / J.T. Heineck

Here’s a video of Endeavour docked at the International Space Station:

From NASAtelevision

Not sure who ventured that far away to shoot the video.