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Kodak Pic Flick App for the iPhone

Kodak Pic Flick App for iPhone

Kodak Pic Flick App for iPhone

Kodak is the latest camera manufacturer to make an app available for wireless printing from your iPhone. The Kodak Pic Flick App is free to download from the Apple App Store — only for the US.

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  • When will Kodak’s Pic Flick App for iPhone be available in Canada. My son just got a 3rd Generation iPod Touch & it’s frustrating that he can’t print off of our new Kodak printer because we don’t live in the U.S!

  • I know and understand your frustration. In this age of interconnected world, it just is unforgivable that this kind of situation exists. It’s everywhere: Amazon, even press releases get out in Canada days after the whole world reads about a new product. I will submit your request to Kodak Canada and see if they give us an answer.

    I sent a note to Kodak US Chief Marketing Officer:

    @JeffreyHayzlett Is the Pic Flick app for the iPhone going to ever be available in Canada?

    Sad that Kodak Canada is not even on Twitter.

  • Hi, i would like to know why we couldn’t have Kodak Pic Flick for canadien customer ? I have a ipod touch and i need an application to print via my Kodak ESP7 on my network wireless.