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Fujifilm Pro Rental Service for Enthusiast & Professional Photographers: Experience a Fujifilm X-Series Camera, Lens or Kit for a Limited Time Anywhere in the U.S.A.

The following video presents Fuji Guys – Fujifilm XF35mmF2 R WR – Sendai Factory Tour:

The Fuji Guys Billy (CAN) and Marc (UK) visit Japan to see the Fujifilm Sendai factory where they assemble various photographic equipment including the new XF35mmF2 R WR lens. They give you a behind the scenes look at how lenses are assembled and the quality and care taken in every Fujifilm product.

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This is an update to the previous blog, Fujifilm: New ‘Pro Rental Service’ for Enthusiast & Professional Photographers and ‘Professional Repair Rental Program’ in USA: Effective March 16, 2015.

Try the X-Series system before you buy.

Award-winning X-Series equipment rentals are available and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Take the opportunity to rent a Fujifilm X-Series camera, lens, or kit to learn more about our X-Series system, or to keep creating beautiful imagery while your camera or lens is being repaired.

Fujifilm Professional Rental Service gives customers the renowned X-Series experience, all in a simple program that includes:

  • Award-winning X-Series equipment rentals that can be shipped anywhere in the United States, including a customer’s destination for easier travel.
  • One Price Shipping in the United States (additional charges for Alaska and Hawaii apply).
  • Opportunity to use familiar X-Series camera gear while a camera or lens is being repaired for uninterrupted workflow (discounted rates will apply).
  • Easy return shipping with a prepaid return shipping label.
  • The quality and craftsmanship you expect from the premium line of Fujifilm X-Series products.

To learn more or schedule a rental, please visit www.FujifilmProRental.com or call 1-800-800-FUJI (3854) option #3; Email: hlusprorental@fujifilm.com .