Fujifilm is Equipped with ISAG ‘fastBook Professional’ System: To Produce Premium Large-Format Photo Books with LayFlat Bindings Quickly and in Consistently High Quality

The following video presents XXL LayFlat photo book production with fastBook Professional by Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG):
The fastBook Professional by Imaging Solutions is a 4-in-1solution running 24h / 7days a week.

A LayFlat book block is produced from single sheets in just one working step. One push of a button triggers all of the necessary individual steps: creasing, folding, pressing, and gluing.

The fastBook Professional by ISAG allows you to produce XXL format book blocks up to 457 mm x 457 mm (18” x 18”).

Same-day finishing and shipping is possible and LayFlat book blocks are produced with minimum manpower requirements.


Eurocolor opts for fastBook Professional from Imaging Solutions


Eurocolor, a major Fujifilm lab in Gera, Germany, has expanded its production facilities and is now equipped with ISAG fastBook Professional. This system enables the lab to produce premium large-format photo books with LayFlat bindings quickly and in consistently high quality.

Premium quality, with a commitment to tradition – that is the mission of Eurocolor Gera. Founded in 1991, the forward-thinking lab has always been ahead of its time, continually seeking innovative solutions. Since 2008, it has produced the ‘Brilliant Photobook’ on original photo paper using one of the first fastBook products from the Swiss company Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG).
ISAG was founded in 2003 and is based in Regensdorf. It is a specialist in system solutions for producing lay-flat photo books and other high-quality on-demand products in the printing industry.

Complete production of professional photo books

fastBook Professional is a fully automatic book block system for high-end professional products. This state-of-the-art machinery with a format range of up to 457 mm × 457 mm offers solutions for the production of large-format photo albums, catalogues and product presentations in panoramic layout and in quantities from one to one thousand. The integrated LayFlat binding technology allows image layouts in XXL formats of up to 914 mm, spread over two pages without any gutter or image loss.

The infeed is suitable for silver halide, digital printing or offset paper. The system processes an infinite range of black and coloured cardboards for high-end book blocks, such as those used for wedding albums or other premium photo books. A complete block is produced in just one step, including creasing, folding, pressing and gluing. Production can be easily managed via a graphical user interface or barcode.

High demand for LayFlat photo albums

Investing in innovative printing systems for print-on-demand products is necessary in view of the photo paper product market. Demand for real photo books is increasing and customers are looking for premium-quality products in which to display their favourite pictures – and LayFlat binding is preferred.

According to Eurocolor,

The classic order of many individual prints has been replaced by professionally designed picture books. The real photo book is a premium option that can also be used for product and company presentations.

And Ms Ute Chripunowa, lab manager at Eurocolor Gera, says:

We have now expanded our existing production facilities. Since we were already successfully producing with ISAG bookbinding machines, we of course opted for Imaging Solutions again, the number-one manufacturer of lay-flat bookbinding machines. The LayFlat binding is very popular with our customers, as it allows absolute flatness even across the centre. With double-page images such as panoramas, this type of binding ensures that no image information disappears in the middle.