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Fujifilm Fights Ransomware Attack to One of Its Networks

Ransomware brought billions of dollars to its syndicates and affiliates (yes, would you believe it: affiliates), and usually big companies are reluctant to reveal that they have fallen victim to an attack. prefering to go into silent negotiation with them. Fujifilm realized such an attack was underway on June 2 and has now publicly confirmed that one of its network is under attack and that it is fighting it and bringing the network, servers, and computers confirmed safe back into operation.


Updated: Unauthorized access to Fujifilm servers

June 4 JST

FUJIFILM Corporation has been carrying out an investigation into possible unauthorized access to its server from outside of the company.

A special Task Force, including external experts, was immediately established, and all networks and servers were shut down to determine the extent and the scale of the issue.

Below is what we have found as of now, as well as the measures that have been taken:

  • We confirmed that the unauthorized access we became aware of in the late evening of June 1, 2021 was a ransomware attack.
  • We also confirmed that the impact of unauthorized access is confined to a specific network in Japan.
  • Starting today, with a clear understanding of the extent of the impact, we have begun to bring the network, servers, and computers confirmed safe back into operation.

We have reported the incident to the relevant government authorities and the police. We will continue to take all necessary measures to serve our customers and business partners in a secure way. We sincerely apologize to our customers and business partners for the inconvenience this has caused.