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You’re Invited to Fujifilm Canada’s Launch Event of X-H1 Camera & Fujinon Cinema Lenses MKX18-55MMT2.9 and MKX50-135MMT2.9: Admission at No Cost in Toronto; February 27, 2018

The following video presents Fuji Guys – FUJIFILM X-H1 Camera – First Look:
Fuji Guys Billy & Francis give you a first look preview of the X-H1.

This is an update to these previous blogs:

FUJIFILM will be hosting a special launch event in Toronto on February 27th to celebrate the launch of these new products:

The X-H1 is the first of the X Series cameras to have in-body stabilization, harnessing three axial accelerometers, three axial Gyro sensors, and a specially-developed dual-processor. When combined with compensating mechanisms, the X-H1 produces uncompromised image quality and precision.

The MKX18-55mm and MKX50-135mm lenses are lightweight and compact; achieving advanced optical performance utilizing the short flange focal distance of X Mount. Adding to their high quality video production, these MKX lenses are designed for ease-of-use. The gears for all three rings are positioned in the same place eliminating the need to re-position accessories when switching lenses.

Fujifilm: X-H1 Camera (left) and Cinema Fujinon Lenses (right) MKX18-55MMT2.9 and MKX50-135MMT2.9

Fujifilm: X-H1 Camera (left) and Cinema Fujinon Lenses (right) MKX18-55MMT2.9 and MKX50-135MMT2.9

Fujifilm invites you to this FREE event at the Toronto Event Centre, Exhibition Grounds in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here are some details:

  • Try out the latest cameras and X-Mount lenses.
  • General public session, 5pm – 8pm (nibbles and drinks).
  • Paid parking available.
  • One additional guest per person.
  • Please RSVP by February 26th for the Fujifilm’s FREE event at:

Enjoy! / Amusez vous bien!

The following video presents FUJINON MKX Lens Promotional Video / FUJIFILM:
Promotional video for FUJINON MKX18-55mmT2.9 and MKX 50-135mmT2.9. These lenses deliver high optical performance with the lightweight body of approximately 1kg and comfortable operability for professional video shooting. MKX18-55mm and MKX50-135mm are the first full manual cinema lenses to be compatible with the X Series interchangeable lenses. In the 35mm format equivalent, MKX18-55mm covers a focal distance from 27mm to 84mm and MKX50-135mm covers a focal distance from 76mm to 206mm. Combined with X Series’ unique color reproduction technology, MKX lenses further broaden the expression for professional video shooting.

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