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Do You Know Your Best Customers? And How Can You Get More Of Them?

To Find the Best Wedding Photography Clients, Learn More About Them from BlackStar on Vimeo.

When you think about all the customers you’ve ever worked with, some stand out as being the “ideal” customers. Maybe they were easy to work with (not necessarily easy easy, but clear in knowing what they wanted and reasonable in their demands), paid a fair price, and you had great satisfaction working for them, perhaps doing some of your best work. Ah, if only you could have more of these types of customers!

Natalie Bradley says, You can, and her video over at Black Star Rising tells you exactly how to go about getting to know more about your ideal customer demographic profile and how to target this narrow, but hopefully highly profitable, market segment. She is speaking specifically of wedding photography clients, but the advice should fit in general also.

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