Setting Up Your Portfolio And Website @blackstar

I remember when creating this website that it was a never ending work in progress. There was always one more aspect to get right before going live. But when is your website ready to go live — and when do you still need to polish it? My rules are simple: if you have something interesting and of value for your readers, then publish it — and never mind that the logo is not there yet or your sidebar isn’t quite what the final product should be.

This in no ways means that you should publish a site that is obviously a work in progress, with missing links, code that does not work and broken layout. A first impression is important if you want readers to visit, come back and stay.

On the other hand, if you are just polishing an aspect of your site, remember that a logo can change, layout can change and so there is no really “finished” product. Some of you might disagree and want to stay with a design that does not ever change, but I like change. I am always getting ideas and trying new stuff — and sometimes break the site, forget to update a link, etc. Fortunately, readers take the time to write about these broken links and help get the site better.

Beate Chelette (Ask the Photo Business Coach) over at Black Star Rising answers the question, “When is my portfolio in a new specialty good enough to promote on my Web site?”