When Shooting What You Love Don’t Pay The Bills…

Going pro as a photographer can be fraught with danger, economically that is. After mastering the basic and advanced concepts in composition, lighting, exposure… and how to run a business without bleeding, the new pro photographer is then confronted with what to shoot. Shoot what you like? Make your mark in this crowded field? Or, shoot to assignments? Having the best of both worlds is rarely possible. Even a high reputation in the industry — with the likes of the Queen and other dignitaries courting your services — do not guarantee that you won’t flirt with bankruptcy, as a recent high profile case has demonstrated.

Jim Pickerell over at Black Star Rising shares a great advice: Shoot what the customer wants to pay the bills. Shoot what you like to grow your reputation — and win more customers (unfortunately, most probably requesting that you shoot what they, not you, want). This way, you do get to do both, kind of. I think it’s smart advice.

Read the article at: Black Star Rising.