Derrick Lin Captures The (Not So Tiny) Struggles Of The Workplace On iPhone 7

Photos courtesy Derrick Lin
Photos courtesy Derrick Lin
Derrick Lin bills himself an “observer of the tiny moments of agency life, figuratively speaking” and he has captured these moments of the workplace in pictures. They are the moment we walk into the office, the many meetings we wish we could skip, the times we call in sick (just because it’s so nice outside), the courage that we sometimes need to marshall to stand up for our views, or when we find it easier to meekly follow the crowd, when we duck because the boss is having a bad day, that email we wish we could unsend and, after a long day at the office, unwinding with friends at the local bar.

Oh, so true for so many of us: we’ve got to get our first cup of coffee before we can function. For me, it could well be psychological (since I don’t drink coffee at home).

He uses an iPhone 7 to take the pictures, his desk lamp to light the scenes, and relies on “an amazing crew of coworkers and friends” to help him setup miniature figures amidst notebooks, paper clips, and coffee mugs to create intricately staged tableaus.

Here’s a short video with a closer look at the miniature figures and setup.

The scenes recreate, figuratively, the everyday ups and downs of the workplace. They can be funny, embarassing, but oh, all so true.

If you have enjoyed these pictures (many more here), you can order a copy of his upcoming book for yourself or as a gift to a colleague. The book is titled “Work, Figuratively Speaking: The Big Setbacks and Little Victories of Office Life” and will be available in October (but you can pre-order now at Amazon for US $24.95).

I’m excited to finally share with you the title and cover of my book “Work, Figuratively Speaking”! I don’t have a copy of the book yet so of course I made a miniature version of it (couldn’t resist 😜) The actual book will be 7″x7″, 208 full color pages published by @universebooks of @rizzolibooks with a collection of re-edited photos from my Instagram and brand new pictures created exclusively for the book! The book will be released in late September and I’m already losing sleep about it. In the coming months I will be sharing more behind-the-scenes content about my book creation process. Want to preorder it? Now you can! Amazon link in my profile! #miniature #agencylife #announcement #book #instagram #preorder #miniature #agencylife #FigurativelySpeaking #ミニチュア#📚

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