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Canon Makes a Donation to the Central Community Chest of Japan to Aid in the Relief Efforts for the Flood Victims of Typhoon Etau in Early September 2015

The following video presents At least 8 missing and 90,000 evacuated in Japan floods:

Dramatic footage has emerged showing helicopter rescue operations in Japan after days of heavy rain caused river banks to burst in cities north of Tokyo.

At least eight people are missing and more than 90,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes. And the situation seems set to become worse before it improves, with tropical storm Kilo predicted to hit parts of Japan by Friday night (September 11).

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sought to reassure those affected.

“There is concern that t…


September 16, 2015
Canon Inc.

Canon aids relief efforts following heavy rains in eastern and northern Japan

TOKYO, September 16, 2015—Torrential rainfall in early September brought about by Typhoon Etau caused widespread damage throughout eastern and northern Japan. We at Canon would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to all those affected by this disaster and our thoughts go out to those suffering in its aftermath.

While we realize that the road to recovery will be challenging and time-consuming, we hope that the region will soon be able to begin the rebuilding and healing process.

To aid in the relief efforts for the flood victims, the Canon Group is making a donation of 5 million yen (approximately US$41,700) to the Central Community Chest of Japan.

Note: Currency translation based on exchange rate of US$1=JPY120.