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Canon Develops Multi-Person Tracking Technology for Video Content Analysis Plug-In for Network Cameras: “Big Brother is Watching You” To Inform Marketing & Service About the Pedestrian Numbers, Genders & Ages, Congestion & Crowd Detection: To Be Available in 2016

The following video presents How is Big Brother watching you???:

We are living through a surveillance revolution empowered by technology – who is watching you?

People Tracking Technologies capture customer and employee activities inside the store, allowing retailers to better understand their traffic patterns, empower in-store marketing, schedule to demand, manage queues, and measure sales conversion.

Behavior Analytics, Location Analytics, In-Store Analytics or whatever from of data and analysis attributed to activities in the physical store, depends on a technology to detect and track people. The primary people counting and tracking technologies are Monocular (Single Lens) and 3D Stereo Video….

Queue Management: Since queue behaviors include both standing and moving, this is a complex form of people counting. The sensors provide data on the number of people waiting in line, and the average wait time. The robust frontline solutions predict how many cashiers should be active in order to prevent the formation of queues.

People Tracking: While people counting measures the number of customers in a specific area, people tracking is about the path inside the store. People Tracking refers to data output from wireless technologies, specifically Wi-Fi, which capture the Customers’ Journey — by tracking their mobile phone signals….

Video Analytics is a general term for sensors and solutions that capture an image and analyze its content….

on July 1, 2015 in Analytics

According to , the people counting data is used to calculate Sale Conversion.


Canon develops video content analysis plug-in for network cameras

Realizes coordination with Milestone Systems’ video management software

TOKYO, October 9, 2015—Canon Inc. announced today the development of a plug-in that facilitates greater video-analysis efficiency in systems employing multiple network cameras through the combination of Canon’s video content analysis (VCA), which includes multi-person tracking technology currently under development, and Milestone Systems’1 XProtect® video management software2 (VMS). The plug-in was realized through Canon’s ongoing development of VCA, which makes possible the analyzing and application of data from video captured by network cameras to realize benefits in such fields as marketing and service.

Four detection functions offered by multi-person tracking technology

Four detection functions offered by multi-person tracking technology

The use of network cameras is not limited to applications targeting crime prevention, as they are also expected to contribute to enhancing marketing and service processes. In addition to the use of network camera video data to realize high levels of safety and security, Canon is working to develop VCA for applications in the field of marketing. Using VCA multi-person tracking technology, Canon aims to provide users with the following four detection functions.

1. Passing detection: Counts pedestrian numbers while estimating genders and ages
2. Congestion detection: Maps out and displays areas of congestion
3. Crowding detection: Detects pedestrian numbers captured as crowds within a designated area
4. Trajectory detection: Visualizes foot traffic flows and circulations

Through further development, Canon aims to commercialize its VCA incorporating multi-person tracking technology in 2016 in coordination with various types of video management software.

1Milestone Systems, headquartered in Denmark, is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software. Acquired by Canon Europa N.V. in 2014, Milestone Systems now operates as a stand-alone company in the Canon Group.
2The Canon VCA plug-in was developed using the XProtect Software Development Kit (SDK) offered by Milestone Systems.