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Big Switch: Lee Morris Praises the Sony A9 full-frame mirrorless camera as Incredible and Amazing, but will NOT be switching yet

What is still holding back some pro photographers from switching to mirrorless? Their reasons are important for mirrorless camera manufacturers to pay attention to and address. Because once you win a pro photographer to your system, you win him and her for life.

We’ve all read or watched video testimonials of pro photographers who have made the Big Switch, i.e. switched completely from their DSLR gear to Mirrorless. But, although more and more photographers are making that switch, there are others who are not yet convinced it’s the right decision for them. Some of the reasons are technological in nature, others more personal.

Lee Morris has a very interesting article at on how incredible the Sony A9 is, though he points out that there are still a couple of shortcomings that are important to him and so he is not ready yet to make the Big Switch from DSLR to Mirrorless — even if many of his pro photographer friends have already and are urging him to do so.

These kinds of articles and videos are very important to mirrorless camera manufacturers because they reveal what some pro photographers are struggling with: They hear about and want to make the Big Switch but there are a few things important to them still holding them back. So, let’s take a look at some of the shortcomings mentioned in this video. We know that there are workarounds for some of them, but we will not get into a discussion here. Let’s just list them and let the mirrorless camera manufacturers pick up the ball and run — or not:

  1. First, size. Some photographers have big hands and it’s not comfortable when their little pinkie is hanging in the wind. Totally agreed. However, that’s one of the main selling point of mirrorless being smaller and lighter than their rival DSLRs, so I do want them to stay small — but some of us have big hands so that’s an issue for camera manufacturers to address.
  2. Battery Life. Way too short. We all agree to that. (I just read an article about how investors into Li-ion battery technology will get burned because everyone and their uncle are looking into better battery technology — and it might not be Li-ion. Someone knowledgeable about the technology made the prediction it will take about five years before we have longer lasting batteries.) So, more work needed on this issue.
  3. EVF and LCD. Yes, it takes some getting used to an EVF and shooting Live View at arms length is different. We know they have been getting better and mirrorless camera manufacturers have to continue to improve them. Pro photographers have to be able to trust what they see and what they see have to perfectly reflect what the exposure meter is saying.

Just to be accurate, Lee’s article is not a criticism about the Sony A9. In fact, he praises it. So, will Lee ever make the Big Switch? In his own words:

Just a few years ago I didn’t think that Sony cameras were as good as top of the line DSLRs, but I did say that I thought they would be the future and the future is here. At this point, Sony has created technology that is equivalent if not better than top of the line DSLRs. Today, I’m still very happy with my Nikon D850 and my Panasonic GH5 but if Sony keeps improving, even I might be making the switch to Sony in the near future.

And, we’d like to add, if it’s not to a Sony, it might well be to a Nikon full-frame mirrorless.

Read Lee Morris’ article at Sony a9 Vs. Nikon D850: No, I’m Not Switching.

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