You’re Invited: “We Are Lawrence Avenue” Photography Exhibition Runs Until November 30, 2014


The City of Toronto’s Cultural Hotspot program recently launched a photography exhibition called We Are Lawrence Avenue, featuring the Lawrence Avenue and Wexford Heights community through the portraits and stories of people who live, work and play there.

The photographs of community members are displayed as an outdoor exhibition along Lawrence Avenue from Kennedy Road to Pharmacy Avenue. The exhibition  in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, will run until November 30.

For the month of November, select transit shelters, a billboard and the windows of a building along Lawrence Ave. will be transformed into an outdoor photography gallery showcasing the photographs taken by We Are Lawrence participants of local community members.

Thousands of people travel through Lawrence Avenue East each day, streaming past strip malls and industrial buildings by car, foot or the 54-bus. We Are Lawrence Avenue humanizes this significant avenue, engaging youth and telling the story of shop owners, community elders and leaders, connecting passersby’s with the area and celebrating it through photography.

Nate Martin

The photographs were taken by 20 aspiring young artists who spent months learning about photography and exploring the Wexford Heights neighbourhood.

This project is a collaboration between the Cultural Hotspot program and Toronto-based artist, instigator and photographer Che Kothari – with mentoring support by local artist Jalani Morgan.

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Enjoy! / Amusez-vous!