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How Hard It Used To Be To Take A Simple Picture!

You may be an expert in cameras, having used film and all, but to those kids, you (and I) are… ancient! This video is fun to watch but also dates everyone who understands the funny moments.

As technology rolls on, our kids will look back and wonder why cameras ever had mirrors inside, used a memory card and pictures were not instantly accessible everywhere using any device. Why did pictures come out blurred? What is post-processing and why did so-called professionals need to use it to produce images others could not — even when they used the same expensive cameras? And why couldn’t everybody take action-freezing, color perfect, focused anywhere, detail splitting pictures in the blink of an eye?

Those kids in the video who are laughing at us? It’ll be pay-back time soon enough for them when their kids will laugh at them old folks. Just you wait.

via Neatorama