What Would You Photograph On The Last Roll Of Kodachrome?

When Steve McCurry learned last Summer that Kodak would discontinue its Kodachrome film, he requested the last 36-frame roll manufactured by the company, loaded it into his Nikon F6, then set out on a global trek to shoot the last images that would ever be recorded on that film. What did he shoot?

We don’t have a complete list, but here are seven:

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Grand Central Terminal
  3. Robert De Niro
  4. The nomadic Ribari tribespeople in Rajasthan, India
  5. A Bollywood actor in Mumbai, India
  6. Self-portrait, posing next to a Kodak-yellow taxicab bearing the license plate PKR 36 — the code name for Professional Kodachrome film
  7. Self-portrait, sprawled on a hotel bed at journey’s end

National Geographic magazine is considering doing a spread on McCurry’s trip. All the originals are destined for air-conditioned safekeeping at the George Eastman House film and photography museum in Rochester.