How Kodak Succumbed to the Digital Age @ Spiegel

The Jan. 30, 2012 issue of DER SPIEGEL magazine has an interesting article titled “How Kodak Succumbed to the Digital Age.” As expected, it tells the story of how the company that gave us the KODAK film (“The most important moments of the 20th century were captured on Kodak film“) went “From Small to Huge to Nothing.” The article is now reprinted online on Spiegel and tells a fascinating story seen from the eyes of Robert Shanebrook who worked at Kodak for 35 years. The author has a unique perspective on the rise and fall of Kodak:

Indeed, the story of Kodak is not a simple parable of rise and fall. Instead, it is a complex tale with an ending that is more comforting than one would initially expect.

This misplaced optimism has to do with the bankruptcy of Kodak and its reinvention into a company that is all about… printers — in the hope that the billions of digital pictures will get printed on paper.

Ummm… I think not.

Read the article at: Spiegel.