What is a Canadian, eh?

A Canadian (summarized, of course, by Reader’s Digest) is most likely to … bank at TD and RBC, eat Kellogg’s cereal, drive a Toyota, use a VISA credit card, get insurance from Sun Life, fill up at ESSO gas stations, feed their dog Iams pet food, enjoy Campbell’s soup, bake with Robin Hood flour, butter their toast with Becel margarine, pop a Pepto-Bismol to calm a stomach upset, slap on Coppertone for sun protection, drive a Toyota or Ford SUV, drive a Ford pickup truck, fly Air Canada, take pictures with a Canon digital camera, get their entertainment using Sony products, smell good with Old Spice, avoid perspiration with Secret deodorant, get allergy relief with Claritin, wake up with Maxwell House coffee, stay at a Holiday Inn & Best Western when traveling, communicate with a BlackBerry, stay entertained on the road with an Apple gizmo, cool down with Breyers & Chapman’s ice cream, buy and sell a house with RE/MAX, gulp down a Buckley’s cold remedy, and… keep going with Duracell batteries.

Read the survey at: Reader’s Digest.