Ubi-Camera Takes Photos With Your Fingers As Viewfinder

From Diginfonews

The Ubi-Camera is a minimalistic digital camera with no viewfinder and no LCD. To frame a scene, you use your fingers to create a frame. The Ubi-Camera slips onto your index finger, you form a frame with your fingers, resting the thumb of your other hand on the camera shutter release button. By moving the camera closer to your face or away from it, the camera’s range sensor determines whether you’re taking a wide-angle shot (closer to your face) or a tele shot (away from your face). However, since the camera has a fixed focal-length, the zooming is digitally done on the PC.

The Ubi-camera is currently in development mode and is physically thethered to a PC. The developers hope to render it wireless in the future. As well, the range senor uses infrared light and sometimes has difficulty measuring the distance from the camera to your face. The developers hope to use more accurate face recognition software in a later version.

Imagine a camera always at your fingertip!

via dvice