The Under-Served Enthusiast Group

Thom Hogan has an excellent piece on the under-served Enthusiast photographers group. It seems that no camera maker is specifically targeting this niche, instead cloberring together a hodge-podge of solutions that is often a compromise that we grudgingly accept to live with, all the while switching brands as soon as we perceive that another new camera comes closest to what we are truly looking for. It’s not that there have not been attempts — and certainly every new camera is marketed as satisfying these needs — but a careful reading of the specifications and a hands-on test quickly reveal the deficiencies. As Thom points out, this niche used to be the most well-served in the 35mm film camera era. Perhaps cameras like the compact mirrorless DSLRs will eventually fill this niche perfectly.

Read “Enthusiast Mar 8 (commentary) and Comments on Enthusiasts Mar 9 (commentary) at: Thom Hogan.

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