Photography Is A Pain In The…

Thom Hogan over at bythom has a tongue-in-cheek article on the pain of photography.

Luckily some of the pain points pertaining to equipment have been addressed by the modern cameras, as in: now there’s GPS to record the precise location of a shoot so you can easily return to it later, image stabilization that does away with tripods (unless you need absolutely positively no camera shake), sweep panorama that does the stitching automatically, dust removal technology, using external drive exclusively means never ever having to backup the laptop (though you do have to backup the external drive, but that’s a one button affair). The ones I personally find really painful are: “The pain of scratching your LCD, front lens element, or glasses” and “The pain of forgetting to turn VR on. Or off.” And I would like to add the following personal one: “The pain of finding your image blurred even when the camera’s AF beeped positive and the image looked fine on the LCD.”

Read the article at: bythom.