Nikon Changing of the Guard @ byThom

Thom Hogan has an interesting article (search for “Changing of the Guard” April 20) concerning the changing of the guard at Nikon. Apparently Nikon has studied the DSLR market carefully and come to a couple of conclusions:
The DSLR market is saturated, i.e. everyone who wanted a DSLR now pretty much has one.
The upgrade market (to a new version) is small by comparison.

Read the article at: Thom Hogan (search for “Changing of the Guard” April 20).

So, where does that leave Nikon? If the DSLR market is saturated, we can expect a few of the laggards to exit this market, maybe to exit the camera business altogether as Konica-Minolta did a few years back. Hence the constant redefining of the digital camera: from a still camera to the addition of movie capability, then HD movie capability, then GPS, now touch screen, etc. etc.