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The Planet Where The People Do Not Sleep At Night

Nature teaches us that there is a time to wake up and go about our work and a time to lie down and sleep. The discovery of fire changed all that, allowing humankind to stay awake well past sunset. In our modern world, day and night intermingles and while a part of our world sleeps, another part is wide awake and working. This timelapse captures how active humankind is all over the world even as the Earth is naturally bathed in darkness.

HD Time Lapse Footage Showreel 2010 – Night Rush Around the World from on Vimeo.

Timelapse clips from Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Paris, Cannes, Rome, Milan, Dublin, Edinburgh, Vienna, Monte Carlo, Prague, Macau, Brussels, Bruges, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Bratislava, Cairo, Barcelona and Lisbon.

Source: Nikon D700

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