The 2011 Photography LuLa Awards

OK, we’ll bite and play along. Luminous Landscape (“LuLa”) has compiled a list of the epic “Fails of the Year” honoring “those companies, products and people in the photographic industry who simply blew it during the past twelve months. All it takes to be the winner of a LuLa is to do something really dumb.

In this their first annual LuLa awards, they single out five companies that have misread their customers’ willingness to part with hard-earned money, scammed shareholders to the tune of $1.7B, locked customers into proprietary systems, alienated customers with stupid upgrade policies (just waiting for a competitor to move in), and displayed arrogance by cutting off loyal customers. Yep, any of these moves should earn you a prestigious LuLa Award.

They did not have one, so we took the liberty of quickly mocking one up, the LuLa Awards logo, that is. I’m sure they’ll have one officially designed when this awards gets the traction it deserves.

View the 2011 LuLa Awards.