Reminiscing About Kodak @ Luminous Landscape

Michael Chiusano over at Luminous Landscape has a must-read article about an era gone by when “Kodak meant photography.” What’s interesting is the part about how we misread the market when we are on the top of the world, so to speak. The “we know best” attitude that looks down on new competitors is always the beginning of the end of any empire. The same people who made Kodak film great and #1 in the world refuse to “compromise” to meet competitors’ onslaught. Threats are not taken seriously.

Read the article at: Luminous Landscape.

This makes me think. Today, as we see the new DSLRS come out, we are amazed by what they can do. Traditional mirrored DSLRs are at the top of the world right now. Nothing comes even close, if you dot the i’s and cross the t’s. There is no threat from the mirrorless. We will not compromise. They can’t touch us — never will. Pros will never accept mirrorless for exacting commercial work. How easily we lie to ourselves.

It feels funny for me to even give article space to Kodak when new cameras are being introduced. But Kodak serves as a lighthouse whose light is quickly fading. Which company is ignoring the warning and heading straight for the rocks? Whose camera company eulogy will we read next?