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Sony VENICE, Motion Picture Camera System, Firmware Version 4.0 (June 2019): New Optional High Frame Rate License Speeds up to 120fps at 4K 2.39:1, and 60fps at 6K 3:2, Advanced Remote-control Functionalities, and Cooke/i3 and Zeiss Extended Metadata Support

This is an update to the previous blog, Sony CineAlta VENICE Full-Frame Motion Picture Camera System Will Be Available in February 2018: 36x24mm Full Frame 6K Recording, Dual Base ISO Mode with High Base ISO 2500, 15+ Stops of Latitude, World’s First 8-Step Mechanical ND Filters, Future Firmware Upgrades in 2018 and 2019.



The following video presents James Cameron & Jon Landau On Their Choice Of Sony VENICE Cameras For Avatar SEQUELS:
“James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment will use Sony’s new VENICE motion picture camera system for principal photography on the upcoming “Avatar” SEQUELS. “The VENICE camera delivers the most astonishing image I’ve ever seen.” -Avatar Director James Cameron While principal photography on the “Avatar” SEQUELS using VENICE is expected to begin first quarter of 2019, performance capture is underway now. The process is supported by a variety of additional Sony imaging technologies including multiple Alpha mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, PXW-Z450 and PXW-320 camcorders and the compact RX0 camera. The production is also using Sony’s F55 and Alpha cameras to record behind-the-scenes footage and stills.

Sony VENICE’s Firmware Version 4.0 will provide the following features and improvements:

Imager mode

  • 4K 2.39:1 for HFR (High Frame Rate) shooting

Recording Formats

  • HFR shooting in select FPS shooting functions
  • 4K 2.39:1 Max. 120FPS
  • 4K 17:9 Max. 110FPS
  • 4K 4:3 Max. 72FPS
  • 6K 3:2 Max. 60FPS

Shooting function

  • RM/RCP control (incl. paint)
  • Cooke/i3 and Zeiss Extended metadata in X-OCN/RAW

Monitor Out function

  • Pure P HD-SDI output in 25p/29p

Shooting Assist function

  • LINE+MASK Frame Line


  • S700 Protocol

And more to come…


Sony VENICE High Frame Rate Will Come Up to 4K 120fps

Firmware Version 4.0 Introduces New Optional HFR License Speeds up to 120fps at 4K 2.39:1, and 60fps at 6K 3:2, Advanced Remote-control Functionalities, and Cooke/i3 and Zeiss Extended Metadata Support

January 31, 2019: Sony will be upgrading the capabilities of its next-generation motion picture camera system, VENICE, by introducing High Frame Rate (HFR) shooting, advanced remote-control functionalities and Cooke/i3 and Zeiss extended metadata support, as part of its latest firmware update. Following the recent release of VENICE’s firmware Version 3.0 and the upcoming launch of its Extension System (CBK-3610XS), which was developed in collaboration with James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment and is currently being used to shoot the AVATAR sequels, the latest upgrade will offer filmmakers even greater creative freedom, flexibility and choice.

Sony VENICE Extension System (CBK-3610XS)

Sony VENICE Extension System (CBK-3610XS)

The new optional High Frame Rate license allows VENICE to shoot at speeds of up to 120fps at 4K 2.39:1, and 60fps at 6K 3:2 as well as up to 110fps at 4K 17:9 and 75fps at 4K 4:3 with anamorphic lenses. The new additional frame rates are particularly well-suited for drama, movie and commercial productions in 4K and 6K, as well as productions at 50/60p in 6K and VR productions using large viewing angle of 6K 3:2 in 60p.

'Illuminating London' with SonyVENICE. "DoP Jeremy Braben, Associate BSC and aerial cameraman Jim Swanson captured some beautiful shots of some of London's most iconic landmarks by night."

‘Illuminating London’ with SonyVENICE. “DoP Jeremy Braben, Associate BSC and aerial cameraman Jim Swanson captured some beautiful shots of some of London’s most iconic landmarks by night.”

All High Frame Rates support X-OCN recording including X-OCN XT* implemented from Ver.3.0 and High Frame Rate up to 60fps support XAVC 4K and ProRes recording.

“At Sony, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers and partners to create solutions that enable modern filmmakers to bring their vision to reality just the way they intend to. In fact, High Frame Rate shooting was a feature that was frequently requested by our customers. We listened to their feedback and are excited to now offer this feature to all new and existing VENICE users,” explained Theresa Alesso, Vice President and Head of CineAlta for Sony Electronics. “Last year at Cine Gear Expo, we announced that Version 4.0 will include 120fps in 2K. However, we are excited to announce today that, as a result of the hard work of our engineering team, Version 4.0 will now include 120fps in 4K. With firmware Version 4.0, our state-of-the-art VENICE will become even more powerful, fortifying its position as the go-to solution for cinematographers who want to create stunning imagery and capture emotion in every frame.”

Additionally, Version 4.0 of the VENICE firmware will introduce:

Sony RM-B750 remote-control unit

Sony RM-B750 remote-control unit

  • 700 Protocol – A control protocol developed by Sony to connect VENICE to a remote-control unit (RM-B750 or RM-B170) and an RCP-1500 series remote control panel, giving filmmakers greater flexibility in bringing their visions to life. Further expanding on the camera’s existing remote-control capabilities, the VENICE now offers paint control, iris control, recording start/stop, clip control, and more. The upgraded remote-control function also adds new workflows to extend VENICE’s use in multi-camera and live production settings, such as live concerts and fashion shows.
Sony RM-B170 remote-control unit

Sony RM-B170 remote-control unit

  • Support for Cooke’s /i third generation metadata Technology, /i3 and ZEISS eXtended Data technology (based on Cooke /i Technology) – Extended lens metadata can now be embedded straight into a RAW/X-OCN/XAVC file and HD-SDI output without the need for additional metadata equipment. The new function allows distortion and shading caused by supported lenses to be easily rectified, significantly reducing post-production costs.

Further features include an extended Mask+Line setting in the Frame line set-up, selectable functions for the assignable buttons of the DVF-EL200 viewfinder and pure Progressive HD-SDI output in 25p and 29p.

Both the free upgrade to firmware Version 4.0 and the optional HFR license will be available in June 2019.

To learn more about VENICE, please join Sony at BSC Expo 2019 in Battersea Evolution, Battersea, London at stand 545 or visit

*Excluding 6K 3:2 50p/60p

The following video presents Sony VENICE low light footage with Richard Blanshard:
Richard Blanshard describes how he takes advantage of Sony VENICE’s 6K Full-Frame sensor for creating amazing footage in low light conditions.

The following video presents Introducing the new Sony VENICE extension system:
Behind the scenes with the new film from DoP Balazs Bolygo BSC, HSC. He has been working with the new Sony VENICE Extension Unit along with Director of Photography Jeremy Braben, Associate BSC and aerial cameraman Jim Swanson. Together they have captured extraordinary noise-free images whilst shooting London at night from a helicopter.

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