Sony Bio-Battery Is Powered By Paper

The future is green and Sony has unveiled a battery that generates electricity using paper as fuel. An enzyme called cellulase is used to decompose paper into glucose and the glucose is then used for power generation. The battery can theoretically generate up to 18Wh of electricity, which is the equivalent of using 6 AA batteries. Interestingly, the cellulase can be reused.

In the photo above, Sony reduced its battery to the thickness of a birthday card and left a hole for the “fuel.” Spill some “cellulose” (juice is fine) on it and it generates enough electricity to play music.

Imagine your future electronics gadget with one of these battery built-in. To power it up, instead of inserting 2 AA batteries, you might simply fill it up with juice (or insert a piece of paper if the cellulase enzyme is already included in the setup). Keep those scraps of paper!

Read the article at: Tech-On!