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Sekonic: Free Upgrade to Its Data Transfer Software for Automated DSLR & Digital Video Camera Meter Calibration

Sekonic Announces Upgrade to its Data Transfer Software

Total exposure accuracy now available for photographers and videographers

North White Plains, NY (June 4, 2012) – Sekonic announces today a free downloadable upgrade to its Data Transfer Software (DTS) allowing for automated DSLR and Digital Video Camera meter calibration. Sekonic’s new DTS Version 3.0 enables the measuring of the dynamic range of a DSLR or Digital Video Camera and calibrating a photographer or videographer’s Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster and L-758Cine DigitalMaster meter to that specific data.

Using the automated process requires recording images of one of Sekonic’s Exposure Profile Targets or one of X-Rite’s ColorChecker®  series targets, available as a separate purchase. Once recorded, the processed TIFF or JPEG image files are imported into Sekonic’s DTS software for processing and mapping. The DTS system also allows users to manually enter data obtained from shooting other industry-standard targets to create a profile.

After processing, a USB cable is used to transfer the data to one of the Sekonic L-758 meters. Up to three camera profiles can be stored in the meter. Any number of profiles can be stored with the software. Once loaded, the Sekonic L-758 DigitalMaster meters make incident and reflected-light, spot readings that are precisely tuned to the dynamic range of the profiled camera.

New Features of Sekonic’s Data Transfer Software Version 3.0 include:
• +/- 10 Step Dynamic Range Measurement
• Time input in Frames per Second and Shutter Angle as well as Shutter Speed
• Compatible with Sekonic and X-Rite ColorChecker targets
• Manual Dynamic Range input for importing data from industry standard targets

“Knowing the dynamic range of a digital camera or digital video camera is fundamental to controlling light to make the best possible exposures and record better images,” said Phil Bradon Sekonic’s USA Product Marketing Manager. “With Sekonic Data Transfer Software, Exposure Profile Targets and the L-758 series of light meters, photographers and videographers can easily profile their digital cameras and lens combinations allowing them to make exposure decisions that are more precise and predictable than ever before.”

About the Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster
The L-758DR DigitalMaster has become the industry standard for photographic light measurement. Its Incident dome extends for exposure reading and retracts for measuring light sources to set ratios. The 1-degree spot meter enables measuring scene brightness and subject reflection for precise exposure control. Measurements can be made of ambient, flash or a combination of both incident and reflected light readings with +/- 0.1 EV repeatability.

A large, illuminated LCD panel indicates all functions and measurements. A viewfinder readout enables full operation while spot metering. Memory function and 14 custom settings allow users to tailor its operation to their particular needs. Built-in radio transmitter enables wireless triggering of PocketWizard® brand transceivers and select studio flashes with PocketWizard receivers built in.

To see how using the Sekonic L-758DR Light Meter and Sekonic Exposure Target plus Free Data Transfer Software can profile a digital camera and lens combination for total exposure accuracy watch Sekonic’s YouTube video to see how it’s done or visit the Video section on the Sekonic website: .

About the Sekonic L-758Cine DigitalMaster
The Sekonic L-758Cine DigitalMaster is the ultimate light-measuring tool for cinematographers and videographers as well as digital still shooters. Offering the most extensive range of fps (frames-per-second), cine shutter speeds, and shutter angle settings, it meets and exceeds the demands of Professional Cinematographers and Professional Still Photographers.

The new application for both Windows and Mac OS can be downloaded for free from the Sekonic website:

About Sekonic Corporation
Sekonic Corporation Japan provides the widest range of light measurement devices for photographers around the world. Established in June 1951 as Seiko Electric Industries Co., Ltd., the first Sekonic brand exposure meter introduced was the revolutionary Sekonic P-1.

Over the years, worldwide demand for exposure meters resulted in the growth and construction of a new factory in June of 1959. By August of 1961 the Tokyo facility was authorized as a JIS Designated Factory for “electric exposure meters for photographic use”.

Through the years Sekonic meters were so well recognized that in February 1984 the Sekonic Digipro X-1 and L-518 meters, were taken into space on the NASA Space Shuttle. Today Sekonic continues to produce and develop meters for every aspect of photography serving the film, video, cinematography and digital photographic marketplace.

Sekonic products are marketed exclusively by MAC Group ( in the USA, and sold by distributors around the world.