Sean Tucker on Why He Switched From Canon DSLRs and Fujifilm Mirrorless to Sony Mirrorless

Why does a pro photographer decide to switch from one camera system to another? It could be from one DSLR system to another DSLR system or, as in this case, from one DSLR system to a mirrorless system. And, how does a pro photographer decide which mirrorless system to switch to? I am sure there are countless stories. Here’s one of them for the switch to the Sony a7 system. No doubt there will soon be many for Nikon’s new Z system.

Sean Tucker sees himself as a story-teller and have worked for individuals, NGO’S and big multinational corporations across more than 20 countries. He shoots stills and videos and have relied on DSLRs, as most pro photographers do.

Recently, he made the big switch and standardized on the Sony a7 mirrorless cameras (though not their lenses). In this video, he explains why. And it’s a good video because it gives DSLRs and Mirrorless camera manufacturers an inside look at some of the reasoning pro photographers go through as they make big decisions like that.

He also makes a good point about the Sony brand still not being able to “excite” photographers. It seems like people are buying the technology but the brand lacks a certain distinguished cachet to it. (Hint, hint to Sony: time to spruce up the image of the Sony brand and maybe even give it a new logotype just for its mirrorless digital cameras?)

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