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Nikon Announces UT-1 for Remote Control and Wireless Transfer


Nikon UT-1

Nikon UT-1

Nikon UT-1 Offers Digital SLR Users Powerful Connectivity for an Efficient Workflow

Nikon continues to develop and redefine how photographers of all levels share their content

Mississauga, ON, September 13, 2012 – Today, Nikon Canada announced the release of the UT-1 adapter, enabling image transfer and remote camera operation when connected via Ethernet cable, or wirelessly in conjunction with the WT-5 wireless transmitter. When the UT-1 is connected to select Nikon digital SLR and HD-SLR cameras, an Ethernet network (wired network) can be used to transfer images directly from the camera to a computer or FTP server. The new device will also allow photographers to control the camera remotely from a computer.

The UT-1 will be compatible with several Nikon HD-SLR cameras, including the Nikon D4, Nikon D800, Nikon D800E and the Nikon D7000. With an Ethernet network connection, images can be automatically transferred as they are captured, while data can also be stored on a memory card or transferred and saved to a computer or FTP server.

“Connectivity continues to be a very important part of workflow for many photographers,” said Gregory Flasch, National Advertising and Communications Manager at Nikon Canada. “Nikon continues to develop and redefine how digital cameras achieve connectivity and share content efficiently. The UT-1 will allow users to transfer photos seamlessly from a selection of Nikon digital SLR and HD-SLR cameras, while also providing the means to control the camera remotely from a computer if desired.”

Efficient Workflow with the UT-1
When used with Nikon’s Camera Control Pro 2 software that has been developed for studio and remote photography in the field, it is possible to control a variety of Nikon digital SLR and HD-SLR camera functions from a computer. Camera Control Pro 2 allows users to specify and adjust basic shooting settings like exposure mode, shutter speed and aperture setting, as well as control white balance, use live view and even record movies remotely. With the ability to control camera operations remotely in various situations such as a studio setting, a photo shoot or video production, images or videos can be transferred directly to a computer. These communication functions significantly increase on-site work efficiency as clients and support staff can view the content as it is being captured.

Primary Features of the New Nikon UT-1

  1. Wireless Network Support When Used in Combination with the Wireless Transmitter WT-5
    When used with the Wireless Transmitter WT-5 (sold separately), the UT-1’s networking functions can be used over wireless networks. Nikon will also market an UT-1/WT-5 bundle that provides networking functions over both Ethernet and wireless networks.
  2. Image Transfer
    Still images can be transferred as they are captured, while still images and videos already stored on a memory card can be saved to a computer or FTP server.
  3. Transfer of Images to an FTP Server
    Still images and videos can be automatically uploaded and saved to an FTP server as they are captured, enabling the transfer of a high volume of high-resolution image data captured by select digital SLR and HD-SLR cameras. This option will allow for the verification of images from a remote location by those individuals not in the immediate vicinity of the camera.
  4. Remote Camera Control from a Computer
    When used with Camera Control Pro 2, it is possible to control a variety of Nikon digital SLR and HD-SLR camera functions from a computer. Camera Control Pro 2 allows users to specify and adjust shooting settings such as exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, and white balance, and also to use live view photography and even record movies remotely. In addition, Camera Control Pro 2 can save still images and videos directly to the computer as they are recorded.
  5. Superior Handling for Efficient Studio and Field Photography
    The UT-1 can be mounted on the camera’s accessory shoe or on a tripod. When another accessory, such as a Speedlight, is mounted on the accessory shoe, the camera and UT-1 can be mounted on a tripod using the optional SK-7 bracket for smooth handling.
Nikon UT-1

Nikon UT-1

Continuing to Connect Photographers
Nikon continues to make photography more efficient and connected for all levels of photographers, as evidenced by the Nikon D4 with its built-in Ethernet network functions, the Wireless Transmitter WT-5 and the new UT-1. Furthermore, the WU-1a and new WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapters can be used to easily transfer high-quality images captured with cameras like the Nikon D3200 and D600 to smart devices or to control the camera remotely, though remote control over movie recording is not supported. With the new Nikon COOLPIX S800c, Nikon has even developed a way for users to connect wirelessly to the Internet using operations similar to those found in smartphone devices. By continuously working to increase wireless network functionality and support for all of its digital cameras, from high-end digital SLR and HD-SLR to compact digital cameras, Nikon strives to make connecting and sharing a simple and effortless task for users.

Price and Availability
The Nikon UT-1 is scheduled to be available at Authorized Nikon Canada Dealers in late October 2012 for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of CAD $379.95.

Later this year, Nikon plans to offer a UT-1/Wireless Transfer WT-5a bundle for an MSRP of CAD $1,229.95

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