Is Photojournalism Still A Viable Career?

From jhawksley08

Is it still worth doing a degree in photojournalism? Where is the work going to come from? Well, if photojournalism is what you are interested in, head over to robgalbraith for a great article on Joel Hawsksley who has only two quarters left before graduating from Ohio University (OU) with a degree in photojournalism.

Meanwhile (and here’s the missing advice for most would be photojournalists) he is already working as staff photographer for the OU Athletic Department and as official photographer for OU’s marching band. He also does freelance assignments whenever they are available. In addition, he does internships at newspapers (one at The Grand Rapids (MI) Press last year and currently at The Seattle Times). As such, his work is already widely known so when he goes knocking on door, he will already have an impressive portfolio to show.

He shoots about 100 athletic events a year and get to use pretty sophisticated photographic equipment. It helps that Nikon sponsors the OU photojournalism department.

Where to after OU? A newspaper gig is not out of the question but Hawksley is eyeing a marketing organization.

Read the full article to get more advice and view Hawksley’s pictures at: robgalbraith.