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14,000 Images Make A [Funny] Nightlife

Comedian Colin Kane website promo by Monte Isom Pictures and Moose Herd Creative from monte isom on Vimeo.

1 comedian, preferably Colin Kane
14,000 still images
Countless hours of timelapse editing

Mix and stir well until properly cooked.

Warning: may be NSFW [language]

source pdn

Production Company: Monte Isom Pictures
Director: Monte Isom / Jim Kamoosi / Laura Wing-Kamoosi
Creative Director: Jim Kamoosi/Laura Wing-Kamoosi for Moose Herd Creative
Copywriter: Jim Kamoosi/Laura Wing-Kamoosi
Art Director: Laura Wing-Kamoosi
Director of Photography: Monte Isom
Lighting: Monte Isom
Producer: Alanda Spence
Editor: Jim Kamoosi
Editing Company: Moose Herd Creative
Post Production: Moose Herd Creative
Animation: Jim Kamoosi
Groomer: Elizabeth Yoon