Camera Gets No Respect, Is Shaved Off 0.5 mm At A Time

A camera in the wrong hands can be a dangerous — or beautiful — thing.

Take Laurin Döpfner, for example, adept at using an industrial edge sander. Give her a camera and she decides to record how objects look like, sliced (or more crudely here, sanded off) 0.5 mm at a time using her edge sander.

Nothing escapes her maniacal fingers: wood, walnut, transformer (that’s the electrical, not the robotic, type), skull (not sure where she was able to get her hands on that) and GASP! the old camera (which the new one is replacing?).

She even caught it all in a time lapse video and we bring you proof of her misdeeds. Mercifully, we don’t see the actual weapon, only the (okay, we admit it) beautiful results.

Verschleif from Laurin Döpfner on Vimeo.

via kottke

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