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Panasonic: New “NEYMAR JR. CRAZY SKILLS” Interactive Webpage at No Cost: True-to-life 3D Images of Neymar Jr.’s Superb Skills Can Be Viewed and Shared on Smartphones or Computers


The following video presents CRAZY SKILLS:

“Neymar Jr. Crazy Skills” is a website which reproduces the marvelous techniques of Neymar Jr. in 3D Computer Graphics with the latest Web technology.
You can view the skills of Neymar Jr. from 360 degree angle, with your smartphone and laptop computer.



Jun 15, 2015

Full reproduction of Neymar Jr.’s amazing skills through 3DCG video. Enjoy anytime on your smartphone or computer!

Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corporation introduced today the full reproduction of Neymar Jr.’s amazing skills, which enthralls people around the world, with super-real 3D computer graphic video. These incredible images can be viewed from a 360-degree perspective on smartphones or computers via a new webpage, “NEYMAR JR. CRAZY SKILLS”, which was globally released on Monday, June 15, 2015.

Panasonic has had a sponsorship agreement with Neymar Jr. since 2010, and his greatest appeal, of being able to excite and delight people with his awe-inspiring, top caliber techniques, represents what the company aims to do, to bring a sense of “wonder” through its products and services. Inspired by Neymar Jr.’s fantastically imaginative “CRAZY SKILLS,” Panasonic has set out to offer a groundbreaking viewing experience, allowing the public to appreciate his genius from never-before-seen angles. Videos of special plays from Neymar’s past matches have been selected and archived as motion capture data, and using the latest graphic technology, these true-to-life 3D images are shared with people around the world.

“NEYMAR JR. CRAZY SKILLS,” is a unique stage for Neymar Jr., where users can enjoy his amazing skills from every possible angle on smartphones and computers with compatible browsers. It is free to use, and currently three plays are available for viewing, in Japanese, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Going forward, new plays chosen by the football website, “” and football celebrities will be updated regularly, and by the end of 2015, 6 more additional play will be available.

Users can share their favorite SKILLS via SNS and request for SKILLS they want to see

With “NEYMAR JR. CRAZY SKILLS,” users can easily enjoy their favorite plays anytime simply by accessing the skill they want to see from the list on the site. During the 3D CG video playback, users can take a screenshot of their favorite moment, and share the image via SNS with their own comment attached. Panasonic is also setting up an official Twitter account, (@Panasonic_NJR) through which the company plans to interact with users to get them involved in the naming of newly added SKILLS and to receive requests for SKILLS people want to see. Everyone is invited to come up with a new name for Neymar Jr.’s next CRAZY SKILL!

Easy playback of 3D CG on smartphones and PCs using the latest graphic technology, “WebGL”

“NEYMAR JR. CRAZY SKILLS” uses the latest 3D graphic display technology, “WebGL,” to enable playback of 3D CG video on smartphones and computers with compatible browsers, without the aid of any special apps or plug-ins. With “WebGL,” users can enjoy rich 3D images seconds after accessing the site on smartphones, as long as they have an LTE connection. Also, by using the smartphone’s built-in gyroscope, users can freely change perspective 360-degrees simply by moving the device in their hands, allowing users to enjoy Neymar Jr.’s skills from any angle, even from angles that are unavailable with live footage. Users can enjoy the same angles on their computers by simply moving the mouse up and down, right to left.

In addition, from early August (tbc), a new initiative, “CHALLENGE CRAZY SKILLS,” will be launched, offering internet users around the world an opportunity to try their hand (or rather “feet”!) at Neymar Jr.’s amazing skills. More information will be made available soon via the official Twitter account.

Moreover, “Neymar Jr.’s eyes” video of him playing in a mini football game while sporting Panasonic’s newest lightweight (45g) wearable camera, the HX-A1, was introduced on Thursday, June 11. >>

Panasonic Wearable Camera HX-A1, black

Panasonic Wearable Camera HX-A1, black

About Neymar Jr. (Neymar da Silva Santos Junior)

Brazilian professional football player.
Date of Birth : February 5th, 1992
Current Club : FC Barcelona
Position : Forward
Height : 174cm

Neymar Jr.’s Achievements

FIFA Puskas Award 2011*
FIFA Confederations Cup MVP 2013

The World’s 50 Most Marketable Athletes 2012, 2013**
FIFA World Cup Bronze Boots 2014

*Presented to the player, judged to have scored the best goal of the year.
**Picked by Sports Pro magazine

In the 2014-15 season, he helped FC Barcelona’s win all the club titles including the Spanish league and cup, as well as the UEFA Champions League.

Panasonic Neymar Jr. Facebook Page Panasonic Neymar Jr.Youtube Channel

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