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Panasonic Firmware Updates 2017 at No Charge for VariCam 35/HS (Ver. 7.5; May 29), VariCam Pure (Ver. 7.5, May 29) and VariCam LT (Ver 24.08, June 12) Cinema Cameras: New Features & Functions Include Greater Speed

Panasonic VariCam LT

The following video presents Panasonic Live @ IBC – VariCam LT and VariCam Pure:
“Panasonic has introduced a new cinema ready version of the VariCam 35 at IBC 2016, featuring a jointly developed Codex recorder capable of uncompressed, 4K RAW acquisition.

Luc Bara from Panasonic explains what’s new.”

Panasonic recently announced the following FREE firmware upgrades for the VariCam 35, HS, LT, and Pure (a package of the VARICAM 35 camera module, AU-V35C1G, and the new V-RAW 2.0 recorder AU-VCXRAW2) cinema cameras:

Panasonic VariCam Pure

Panasonic VariCam Pure

All firmware upgrades can be downloaded now at –


New Firmware Upgrades for Panasonic VariCam Cameras Offer Greater Speed and Versatility

NEWARK, NJ 06/19/2017

Panasonic has announced free firmware upgrades for the VariCam 35, HS, LT, and Pure cinema cameras that includes several new features and added functions.

Firmware upgrades include Ver. 7.5 for the VariCam 35/HS, Ver. 5.5 for the VariCam LT, and Ver. 7.5 for the VariCam Pure. All firmware upgrades can be downloaded now at –

“Panasonic offers these firmware updates on all models of VariCams at no charge to our customers,” said Mitch Gross, Cinema Product Manager. “The added functionality comes from customer requests and our striving to offer the most useful tools in the industry. The VariCams are some of the finest cameras in the world, and now they’re even better.”

For the VariCam LT, one of the most exciting new features is a HIGH SPEED menu mode that enables 240p RAW output for 2K (2048 x 1080) or HD (1920 x 1080). Utilizing this RAW output, Convergent Design’s Odyssey 7Q/7Q+ will soon let you record 2K/HD-cropped, uncompressed Cinema DNG files. Also, new for the LT, there is a faster and more efficient software reboot that is completed with the use of the control panel rather than turning off the physical power switch of the camera.

For the VariCam 35, HS, and LT, there is a new REC Check function that allows you to check the first five seconds of the latest clip and the last five seconds of the latest clip for tail slate marking. You can assign these two options to USER SW.

For all VariCam cinema cameras (35, HS, LT, and Pure), there is now an expanded frame rate range in HIGH SPEED mode down to 1-fps, allowing capture from 1 – 240p. For VariCam wide-screen capture, Anamorphic Desqueeze is now available in play back as well as when recording. A horizontal desqueeze of 1.3x or 2.0x is available for SDI Out or VF SDI. Also for all VariCam cine-ma cameras, there is an option to apply grading data recorded with clip on play back. The LT can set PLAY BACK GRADING menu from PLAY display on GUI.

Additional features the firmware upgrades include:

  • RDD18 (Camera metadata, including Clip name) on MON output
  • INFRA mode (Wireless network setting)
  • Support WM50MC (for China) and PLANEX GW-900D (For Japan)
  • USER CLIP NAME TYPE3 on OSD is off as default (VariCam 35, HS & LT)
  • Deleted CPS password system (VariCam 35 & HS)
  • Fixed Card remain time bug of AVCLongG at 23.98p (VariCam 35, HS & LT)
  • Supports Canon EF 24-105mm F4 L-series USM lens (VariCam LT only)
  • Fixed Valid Frame Flag bug on RAW output (VariCam LT only)

For more information about Panasonic VariCam cinema and high-speed cameras, visit, or contact Panasonic at 877-803-8492.

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The following video presents VariCam Pure 4K Uncompressed Raw footage:
“First VariCam Pure Camera Test
DP: Oona Menges, UK
Lens: Leica Sumicron-C”

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