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Panasonic Firmware Updates (2018.01.15) for Cameras VariCam 35 (Ver 7.50-00-0.01) and VariCam HS (Ver 7.50-00-0.00): Improvements

The following video presents “Fire and Ice” shot on VariCam 35 Behind the Scenes -Ice-:
IMAX filmmaker and professional storm chaser Sean Casey captured glacier craving in 4K using Panasonic’s 4K camera, VariCam 35. This video introduces behind the scenes highlights during his shooting in the wild. Watch also shot on VariCam 35: “Fire and Ice” Visit to keep up to date with the VariCam line. This behind the scenes video is shot in HD using AJ-PX270 P2 HD camera recorder etc…

Panasonic recently announced the following firmware updates for the Panasonic VariCam Camera 35/HS/Recorder (Model AU-V35C1G / V23HS1G / AU-VREC1G):

  • CAMERA(35): Firmware Ver 7.50-00-0.01
  • CAMERA(HS):Firmware Ver 7.50-00-0.00
  • RECORDER: Firmware Ver 7.50-00-0.04

The above firmware updates provide these improvements:

  • Any of the three operations of REC-stop, card-insertion/removal and card-formatting may cause the system error E36* on rare occasions. That is corrected properly.

* This problem never affects recorded clips or cards.

All firmware upgrades can be downloaded now at .

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