Firmware Updates Sigma

Sigma Firmware Updates (22/12/2017) for sd Quattro (Ver.1.08) and sd Quattro H (Ver.1.04) Mirrorless Cameras: Improvements

Sigma recently announced new firmware updates for SIGMA sd Quattro and SIGMA sd Quattro H cameras.


Dec 22, 2017

SIGMA sd Quattro / sd Quattro H firmware download

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The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce that new firmware is available for download for the SIGMA sd Quattro and the SIGMA sd Quattro H

Benefit of the firmware update;

【SIGMA sd Quattro (Ver.1.08) / SIGMA sd Quattro H (Ver.1.04)】

・It has improved the image quality of the displayed files, when checked on the main display or through the viewfinder or output via HDMI.

Please download the firmware from the following Download page:
SIGMA sd Quattro:
SIGMA sd Quattro H:

* SIGMA Photo Pro ver. 6.5.4 or later is required to process the RAW data (X3F and X3I files) taken by the sd Quattro with firmware version 1.08 and the sd Quattro H with firmware version 1.04.

SIGMA Photo Pro Download Page

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