Panasonic + IBM: “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” is the Interactive ‘Panasonic Digital Concierge’ Which Displays Info & Speaks to Travelers in Hotels

'Panasonic Digital Concierge': Image grab from video below

Panasonic and IBM want to bring every hotel room into the modern digital age with their “Digital Concierge,” a smart mirror with touch-screen and voice recognition features. This Digital Concierge will replace the information leaflets, menu and other city directory usually left in a hotel room for the guest’s perusal. Instead, a guest will be able to quickly obtain a host of information about the hotel and its services, entertainment and shopping opportunities, transportation, weather, and other topics related to their stay by simply speaking to the smart mirror.

Panasonic did not specify whether their smart mirror will be able to answer the question, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

The following video presents Digital Concierge – Advanced Smart Mirror with IBM Watson #PanasonicCES 2017:
“Customized viewable content & media on a touch-screen mirror displaying any signage content. Enabled by IBM Watson cognitive system, the solution works side-by-side with staff to assist with guest questions, and personalizes the experience and offers based on guest engagement. When used as a mirror, the screen content can be conveniently hidden.”


Panasonic and IBM Join Forces to Develop Cognitive Personal Concierge Solutions with Watson

Companies also partner on location based services for hospitality industry

Las Vegas, NV – 05 Jan 2017: Panasonic and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced their work together on a digital concierge service to enhance consumer experiences and expectations while traveling.

The empowered consumer expects a seamless, easy and personalized travel experience. A hotel’s digital capabilities and amenities can impact a traveler’s decision about where they book a stay. Today, Panasonic and IBM are introducing a creative and immersive experience that not only benefits the consumer, but also allows hotels to upgrade traveler experiences in the very competitive hospitality market.

'Panasonic Digital Concierge': Image grab from video above

‘Panasonic Digital Concierge’: Image grab from video above

The Panasonic Digital Concierge applies Watson and IBM Cloud to a digital mirror designed for hotels and other hospitality industry customers. Using the digital mirror, hotel guests can have a spoken dialog with Panasonic’s Digital Concierge to quickly obtain a host of information about the hotel and its services, entertainment and shopping opportunities, transportation, weather, and other topics related to their stay.

“Panasonic has identified a need for this and several other kinds of connected solutions in the hospitality industry,” said Yasuji Enokido, president of Panasonic Corporation’s AVC Networks Company. “Working with IBM, we plan to further implement our connected solutions vision while making use of Watson intelligence to provide end-users with more natural cognitive functionality as well as richer feature sets.”

Panasonic and IBM will also partner to extend their collaboration to applications for the Panasonic-developed LinkRay. This technology enables users to automatically receive content from digital signage or light source by merely pointing a LinkRay app-equipped mobile device at such a source. Integrated with hospitality applications in customers’ mobile phones, this enables a whole range of new opportunities to enhance consumer experiences around location based services and content consumption through the cloud.

“IBM Watson gets to truly know the individual and provides highly personalized experiences and recommendations,” said Bruce Anderson, Global Managing Director, IBM Electronics Industry. “Together with Panasonic we are bringing the power of cognitive to the hospitality industry to introduce a new level of customer service and further brand loyalty.”

The Panasonic Concierge is on display at CES 2017 in IBM’s Client Center at the Venetian Hotel. Additionally, this week at CES, Panasonic announced the introduction of the Panasonic Cognitive Infotainment platform with IBM Watson, which is on display at CES 2017 in the new Chrysler Portal Virtual Concept at the Panasonic booth, as well as IBM’s Client Center at the Venetian Hotel.

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