Unsplash Gains Full-time CEO and Team

On Unsplash, every photo is 100% free to use. Yes, free as in “do whatever you want.” You cannot charge others for the photos, but you can download them for free, modify them and use them — for free.

When SpaceX made history landing the first rocket at sea, it gave that photo for anyone to use on Unsplash. The new Apple iPad Pro launched with photos from Unsplash contributors. Even Pringle made an ad using a photo from an Unsplash contributor.

Today, Mikael Cho, Founder/CEO Unsplash & Crew, announced that after three years of stratospheric growth, Unsplash is gaining a full-time staff to allow it to focus and operate as a business entity independent of Crew.

Unsplash started as a simple Tumblr blog with Dropbox links and 20,000 signups on day one. There was no full-time staff assignecd to it, and every 10 days, 10 photos were featured on the site. Today, there are about 1 Billion photos viewed per month, with over 3 photos downloaded per second.

And, if you are interested in working for them, they are hiring.