Nikon Postpones Mirrorless DSLRs

From the Q & A of Conference for the Medium Term Management Plan in 2010 (posted June 18), it seems that Nikon considered and then decided not to pursue at this time mirrorless interchangeable lens (“MIL”?) cameras, also dubbed as “new-generation digital cameras.”

Q: What can you tell us about the new-generation digital cameras?
A: Although we considered a variety of so-called mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras for the digital SLR camera market, we discern the appropriate timing for the launch of our new-generation digital cameras based on the direction of the market demand.

Yet on the very next question about what he intends to accomplish, the Imaging Company President answers, “to create differentiated products that are appropriate for Nikon and to live up to the expectations of Nikon enthusiasts around the world.”

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