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Nikon: New Global Marketing Strategy Department in Singapore for Nikon, Imaging Business Unit: To Unify Nikon’s Marketing Planning into a Central Communications Hub for Stronger & More Efficient Execution of Global Campaigns

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Nikon to establish Global Marketing Strategy Department in Singapore for the company’s Imaging Business Unit

August 3, 2015

Nikon, Imaging Business Unit, to Create New Division to Expand Global Communication Strategy and Drive International Marketing Initiatives

TOKYO – Nikon Corporation announced today it created a new Global Marketing Strategy Department for its Imaging Business Unit on August 1, 2015. Located in Singapore, the new division will function under the Nikon headquarter office in Japan, and unify the company’s strategic marketing planning into a central communications hub, to enable stronger and more efficient execution of global campaigns.

“Today we’re in an age of technological evolution and rampant innovation, which holds particularly true in the camera and mobile imaging industry, where how we define ’photography’ has advanced more in the past 10 years than it has in the previous 100,” said Tadashi Nakayama, Corporate Vice President, Sector Manager of Marketing Sector, Imaging Business Unit. “The opening of the Global Marketing Strategy Department is a major step toward addressing these changes in our industry. The new division will help us build upon our global competitiveness by pulling together internationally-minded talents to design and execute marketing campaigns which showcase how we enable Nikon users from around the world to tell their stories through amazing photos and videos.”

As Nikon Corporation’s first centralized international communications headquarters outside of Japan, the Global Marketing Strategy Department is an integral part of the company’s evolution as a global leader in specialized imaging products, including the manufacture and sales of optical instruments. Previously Nikon, Imaging Business Unit’s international communications functions were consolidated at the headquarter office in Japan. Now housed in the new Singapore office will be the Imaging Business Unit’s teams responsible for marketing and communication strategies, as well as media planning, marketing research and all video related marketing materials and communications for the global market.

“Beloved global brands such as Nikon need to constantly be visible, interactive and serve as storytellers about who they are and what they represent,” Nakayama added. “Our marketing strategies are dedicated to the passion for and being close to the consumers who seek to capture the images which define the magic and very essence of our lives.”

By centralizing its marketing disciplines in Singapore, Nikon is able to streamline its communications infrastructure and align global marketing initiatives, and provide a more responsive and timely reflection of market conditions in today’s ever-evolving and connected media environment.

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