Nikon Canada Invites Canadian Residents to Nikon Image Space: An Online Service for Sharing Photos or Recording Memories

Nikon Image Space

Nikon Image Space

Nikon Canada is pleased to announce that Nikon Image Space is now available to Canadian residents. Nikon Image Space is a free online service for sharing images. It is available to Nikon digital camera users and also to anyone who enjoys taking photos or recording memories.

The service is fast and easy to use, with quick image uploads and downloads, and seamless image manipulation. It also supports RAW files. Sharing and posting images from Nikon Image Space is easier than ever with integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Registration is free and includes 2GB of storage. Nikon camera owners can upgrade to a special account and receive an additional 18GB. Special accounts also offer more advanced features, such as the ability to apply a password when sharing images, and the option to restrict image downloads.

This video presents NIKON IMAGE SPACE” Introduction Movie.

  • Nikon Image Space was launched in early 2013.

Please note Nikon Image Space has been upgraded, on 19 August 2014, to give you Enhanced Guest Pages and easier-to-use Map View.

Enjoy! / Amusez-vous bien!