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Leica S-Lenses Advisory: Leica Camera AG Offers a Replacement of the Autofocus Drive Unit at No Cost if This Rare Defect Occurs in One of Your S Lenses


Important information about the goodwill arrangement for Leica S-Lenses


In rare cases, a defect may appear in the autofocus drive unit of Leica S-Lenses. Under certain unfavourable conditions, this may lead to a complete loss of the autofocus function.

For products affected by this problem, Leica Camera AG offers a free replacement of the autofocus drive unit within the terms of a goodwill arrangement. This goodwill arrangement is independent of the age of the lens. Should this defect occur in one of your S lenses, we recommend that you to send it directly to Leica Customer Care or the authorised Customer Care department of your country’s Leica distributor.

As a premium manufacturer, we consider it our obligation to provide only technically faultless products. We therefore particularly regret that the functions of one of your S lenses could be impaired in any way. We hope that the goodwill arrangement mentioned above will allow us to remedy the problem as soon as possible and rebuild and maintain the trust you have always placed in our brand.