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Stunningly Beautiful: Leica M10-R Now in All-Black Paint Finish

The Leica M10-R is now available in a high-gloss black paint finish, and it’s stunningly beautiful! Though the technical specifications are identical with its serially produced counterpart, there are some external details that distinguish the new design variant: the classic Leica lettering with an ‘Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany’ engraving on the top plate, and the omission of the red Leica dot for an understated, refined and unobtrusive appearance.

Worried that the paiint may scratch with use? Now, here’s an interesting take on scratched paint from Leica’s marketing department: “over the years, glimpses of brass will gradually start to show on the corners and edges — resulting in a unique patina that emphasises the camera’s individual character.” (They may have a point there but only if the camera was really scratched from heavy use while taking beautiful pictures. Many pros are justifiably proud of their scratched and battered cameras.)

Scratched paint will apparently give your Leica M10-R a unique “individual character,” and also not diminish its reselling price — as auctioned items of old, scratched and even unfunctioning Leica cameras attest to.


Exclusive design variant: the Leica M10-R is now also available with a black paint finish.

Wetzlar, June 24, 2021. Leica Camera AG introduces a new design variant of the Leica M10-R. With its black paint finish, the new Leica M10-R perfectly embodies the classic Leica look: over the years, glimpses of brass will gradually start to show on the corners and edges – resulting in a unique patina that emphasises the camera’s individual character. This is a camera that not only captures moments in time, but also tells a story of its own. The new addition to the M family is a prime example of Leica’s unerring commitment to quality and craftsmanship made in Germany.

In addition to the high-gloss finish, there are some external details that distinguish the new design variant from its serially produced counterpart (though the technical specifications are identical in both models). These differences include the classic Leica lettering on the top plate, along with an ‘Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany’ engraving. Also, the red Leica dot has been omitted, creating an understated appearance that facilitates an especially unobtrusive approach. As with all Leica M cameras, the new variant is equipped with an ultra-quiet shutter, allowing the photographer to capture scenes at close proximity without drawing undue attention.

Perfectionism down to the last detail is one of the hallmarks of this unusual system camera: the ISO and shutter speed dial both feature classic diamond-pattern knurling, while the shutter button is distinguished by a silver-chrome finish. The Leica M10-R delivers an exceedingly high image quality: with a resolution of over 40 megapixels, the sensor recognises even the smallest details. This allows the camera to utilise the full potential of Leica’s legendary M lenses.

Reliability over many years of use, combined with high value retention, count among the distinguishing traits of this exceptional camera. They are also a testament to the consistent implementation of Leica’s company philosophy. Throughout the decades of its extraordinary history, Leica has placed a focus on sustainability. For example, by developing the Leica M bayonet back in the 1950s, the company created a timeless lens mount standard; as a result, even vintage lenses from the era of analogue photography can still be used on the new black- paint Leica M10-R today. As ever, Leica’s optical instruments prove to be steadfast companions that are characterised by exceptional quality and longevity.

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