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Leica + C/O Berlin Foundation: “Eyes wide open! 100 years of Leica photography” Exhibition Aug. 22 – Nov.1; Upcoming Events Start on Aug.29, 2015 in Berlin, Germany

The following video presents 100 Years of Leica Photography | Euromaxx:

An exhibition in Hamburg “Eyes Wide Open: 100 years of Leica photography” illuminates many aspects of small-format photography showing some 500 works. In 1914, Oskar Barnack completed the first functional model of a small-format camera. The fact that it could easily be carried in a coat pocket revolutionized photography.

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"The Eyes wide open!" book: 100 Years of Leica Photography. Image Courtesy of Leica

“The Eyes wide open!” book: 100 Years of Leica Photography. Image Courtesy of Leica

C/O Berlin Foundation


Eyes wide open! 100 years of Leica photography

Exhibition: August 22 to November 01, 2015


C/O Berlin Foundation . Amerika Haus . Hardenbergstraße 22–24 . 10623 Berlin, Germany
Tel + 16-62 . Fax + 16-19 . .

Opening Hours
Exhibition space . Daily 11 am – 8 pm . closed between 17.08. – 21.08.
Café . Daily 10 am – 8 pm . From 17.08. till 21.08. from 12 am to 7 pm

Eyes wide open! 100 years of Leica photography is the anniversary exhibition celebrating 100 years of Leica photography that will be on view at the C/O Berlin from 22 August to 01 November 2015.

C/O Berlin will also offer these upcoming events about Leica photography:

Eyes Wide Open! 100 years of Leica photography Guided Tour

Guided tour (German language) with Hans-Michael Koetzle, curator and publicist.

  • You also have the possibility to book a private guided tour in conjunction with the exhibition.
  • Please write to Karl Wegmann for more information: .

Start 4 pm . No registration
Price 5 Euro plus admission fee 10/5 Euro
Meeting Point Entrance Hall

Robert Capa’s falling soldier, the man jumping the puddle by Cartier-Bresson, the kissing couple in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt, the Vietnamese fleeing from Napalm by Nick Út, the hissing of the Soviet flag on the Reichstag in Berlin by Jewgeni Chaldej – these iconographic photographs are all Leica pictures and have ingrained themselves in our collective memory. With the Leica, photography has broken free of the rigid studio and discovered what is happening on the street. The miniaturization has been the catalyst for a huge flood of images, an immense desire to experiment and an extensive visual exploration of reality by amateurs, artists and photojournalists. Hence the Leica camera has become an instrument of upheaval, speed and innovation and has long become a legend – and still is today in our digital age. The curator Hans-Michael Koetzle gives a tour through the exhibition with over 400 photographs, magazines, photo books, film sequences and early camera models–a broad cultural histroy of the medium from the early 20th century till the artistic variety of today.

With the Leica through the other New York City

Lecture by Jutta v. Zitzewitz, art historian and freelance writer
Start 8 pm . No registration
Admission 5 euros

Since the late 1890s, photographers like Jacob Riis, Helen Levitt, Gordon Parks, Roy DeCarava, and Bruce Davidson have been documenting New York City’s slums, producing photos that are far from the typical postcard pictures of the city. Taking this “ghetto photography” as an example of one specific type of street photography, art historian Jutta v. Zitzewitz will explore technical, sociological and ethical aspects of the revolution that the small-format camera sparked during this period. To more clearly illustrate the factors that were decisive in this revolution, she will discuss the historic precursors to the genre—taking Thomas Annan of Glasgow and Paul Martin of London as examples.

More info about the upcoming events are available at

The following video presents Bruce Davidson: A Lifetime with Leica:

Renowned photojournalist and Magnum photographer Bruce Davidson has been acclaimed for over half a century for his searing images of street gangs, circus performers and the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, all captured with a remarkable directness, truth and power that transcends the concept of style. Here is a portrait of Bruce Davidson with his forthcoming, charming, and revealing insights into who he is, what he’s done, and where he’s going.


Eyes wide open! 100 years of Leica photography


From August 22 to November 01, 2015 at the C/O Berlin

Eyes wide open! 100 years of Leica photography – that is the name of the anniversary exhibition celebrating 100 years of Leica photography that will be on view at the C/O Berlin from 22 August to 01 November 2015 after it has already established visitor records in the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt and at Haus der Photographie in Hamburg. The anniversary exhibition is dedicated to the radical changes and visual revolution in the world of photography that were triggered by the appearance of the technically innovative, compact, light and extremely mobile ‘Leica’ (‘Leitz Camera’). The exhibition spotlights various aspects of 35 mm photography from its beginnings to the present day – from journalistic strategies and documentary approaches to examples of freestyle artistic imagery. The exhibition will be showing more than 200 photographs together with documentary material, camera models and publications from the company archives at Leica.

C/O Berlin will be presenting works by prominent Leica photographers like Alexander Rodtschenko, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ro­bert Capa, Christer Strömholm, Robert Frank, Bruce Da­vidson, William Klein, F.C. Gundlach, Fred Herzog, Barbara Klemm, Robert Lebeck, William Eggleston, René Burri, Thomas Hoepker, Bruce Gilden. The exhibition was curated by Hans-Michael Koetzle, who is one of the most renowned German Photographic publicists and curators.

Accompanying the exhibition C/O provides in the coming months a versatile accompanying program, consisting of tours, lectures and workshops.

Get detailed information about the exhibition at C/O Berlin here.

The Eyes wide open! book is available here or at Leica Stores.

Learn more about the exhibition in an interview with Felix Hoffmann on the Leica Blog.

The following video presents Cult Camera | Euromaxx:

It’s not just any old camera. The Leica is a legend, a brilliant tool that’s been used to shoot some of the world’s most iconic images. In 2013, the mother of all compact cameras celebrates its 100th birthday. A look back at the history of the Leica camera