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Leica Announces New Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles in California, USA: Opening June 21, 2013

Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles

Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles

Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles, located at 8783 Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood, will:

  • provide a full service to photography enthusiasts
  • offer an outdoor lounge where people can relax and enjoy a conversation or photo book
  • open seven days a week

“Come discover Leica at the new Leica Store Los Angeles and embark on a unique photographic experience”:

  • The world renowned Leica products will be on display, which will include a new, special-edition camera
  • The Gallery’s debut photography exhibit featuring the inspiring work of Mary Ellen Mark, Yariv Milchan, and Seal:
    • Mary Ellen Mark – “Leica, My First Camera”

      • Mary Ellen Mark’s photographs are renowned the world over and span the genres of NY Street photography, photojournalism and portraiture

      • Her main interest has always been social issues that this career survey of iconic gelatin silver prints embodies

      • The Leica Gallery Los Angeles exhibition will present prints from her NY street images and iconic “Indian Circus” images

      • In addition, the exhibition also features Mark’s legendary Hollywood celebrity portraiture from her new book “Scene Behind The Scene

    • Yariv Milchan – “Leica … An Affair”
      • Photographer and film producer Yariv Milchan grew up with Hollywood for his backyard, surrounded by the magic and wonder of the filmmaking world and its beautiful movie star inhabitants

      • Yariv’s photographs always share a depth and beauty, whether he focuses his lens on the stunning California landscape or the sinuous curvature of a woman’s back

      • The common thread always sewing his body of work together is his love of capturing great light, nature and beauty above all

    • Seal – “Stopping Time”
      • Seal, a self proclaimed “photography geek,” and ambassador for Leica, views his photographic practice as a means of “connecting” to people and “stopping time”

      • His favorite subjects are people and portraiture

      • Seal has been a loyal Leica Camera collector for 25 years

      • He started shooting 35mm on the original M3, and now uses a range of cameras including the new Leica Monochrom

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Los Angeles, CA (June 17, 2013) – Leica Camera, the legendary German camera and sport optics brand, announces the opening of the Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles. Located at 8783 Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood, the 8,000 square-foot space boasts a gorgeous art gallery and store.

Offering the entire range of Leica products and accessories, photography books, printing and renting services, and carefully selected (third party) accessories, the Leica store provides a full service to photography enthusiasts. Billed as a unique lifestyle destination, the gallery invites customers into a tranquil environment of artwork and books, and even has an outdoor lounge where people can relax and enjoy a conversation or photo book.

The Gallery space was designed to celebrate photography and display exhibitions by an interesting mix of established and up-and-coming photographers. It includes a library filled with collectable photography books curated by Martin Parr and will feature cultural highlights such as Yibai’s “Fake Leica,” a sculpture of enormous dimensions that is valued at $1 million. Opening exhibits will showcase the work of world-renowned photographer Mary Ellen Mark, Seal, the Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter and self-proclaimed “photography geek,” and Yariv Milchan, a self-taught photographer educated in Paris and Los Angeles who was exposed early on to Hollywood photography.

“Our goal was to create a space that inspires our customers” says Roland Wolff, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Retail. “Between events, gallery openings, and Leica product launches, the Leica Store and Gallery LA will become a major hub in the world of Leica and photography.” In addition to the interactive setting the gallery offers through cultural and educational events, customers can experience Leica’s legendary products first-hand, such as the Leica M and S Systems and the newly introduced Leica X Vario.

The Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles will be open seven days a week. For more information, feel free to visit and

About Leica Camera:
Leica represents a union of craftsmanship, technology and experience. It is at once an extension of art, knowledge and philosophy, providing a state-of-the-art optical experience in a precision, hand-made photographic instrument. Leica Camera has a simple mission: to provide users with an incomparable experience, an instrument that defines an unsurpassed heritage and sets a standard of excellence for the industry to meet.