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Leafcutter Ants To Humans: We Rule!

We Rule from Catherine Chalmers on Vimeo.

Catherine Chalmers follows leafcutter ants and won a Guggenheim Fellowship for her project series in 2010.

We Rule is from “The Leafcutters” series – a project that includes video, photography, drawing and sculpture. It was shot in Panama.

At one point, we see a grasshopper and the “La cigale et la fourmi” came to mind. On another scene, an ant is dragging a spent [probably] dandelion seed and I can hear [in my head] the other ants shouting at him, “Leaf. We want leaf.” My active imagination can also picture these ants dinosaur-size cutting huge swaths of limestone out of mountain sides and buiilding, what, the pyramid?

Recommend you watch this delightful video to the end (or skip to the 2:18 mark) for the grand finale ending complete with eerily sound effects by Charles Lindsay. Mmmmm, me think those ants may have gotten some help in cutting those suspiciously-looking alphabet shapes.

You can view more videos at: Catherine Chalmers and on her Vimeo page.

source PDN Pulse